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Friday 28 October, 2016 | RSS Feed

Slay a Lace Front Wig with Hot Glue Gun (Easiest for Beginner)

by Equeena Hair

Have you ever tried to make lace front wigs by yourself? No, that's too tough. It takes a lot of patience, also pains. Have you ever thought it only in 15 minutes? No, definitely impossible when it comes to my clumsy hands. This time, DIY wig becomes easier and funnier with a small tool--hot glue gun than what you thought before, even as a beginner. Let’s see how it works from start to finish. Enjoy it!

Materials and tools you'll need:

1. Wigs cap

2. Lace frontal (1 piece) + 3 bundles human hair weave (Body wave)

3. Mannequin

4. Hot glue gun


5. Needle and pins

6. Scissors 

Step 1:Choose the right size of the mannequin, which makes wig fit your head well. It all depends. Put the wig cap on the mannequin and hold it on with pins.


Step 2: Take out 1 piece lace frontal. Measure it on the mannequin and pin the hair up. Next, sew the frontal down to the cap.


Step 3: Pin one side of the weave and measure the length you need at each time. After that, go ahead and cut it. 


Step 4: Take your hot glue gun and apply the glue to the cap. Next, stick up the wefts. Repeat the same step layer by layer until the whole head is finished.


Step 5: To make the wig more natural, pluck some of the hair out of the frontal. Remember, just a little bit, not all.


Step 6: Cut the extra piece under the frontal inside out because you will wear a new cap and don’t want to look black on the scalp.


Can't wait to try the new lace front wig! Only in 15 minutes. Slay your own wig right now!

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