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Saturday 01 April, 2017 | RSS Feed

Equeena Hair Expert Teaching Ladies How to Style Hair Extensions

by Equeena Hair

how to style hair extensions

The task of styling hair extensions can be daunting, especially if you're new to it. Don't let your nerves get to you, however, as this could be a fun way to change up your look from time to time. Below will be some basic styling ideas that you can incorporate during your daily routine or before a night out. The most important step to styling is to prepare your hair extensions. It's always easier to work with clean hair, so make sure to give it a good wash before anything else. Do not apply any other product apart from your shampoo. Remember to properly dry your hair as well. Excess moisture might prevent your extensions from properly sticking.


In order to get the hang of styling extensions, it would be best to start small. The most basic hairstyle would be straight and long. Simply choose a remy hair extensions such as clip in hair extensions that's as close to your natural color and texture as possible. You can begin by parting your hair at the crown and putting it up. Clip the hair extensions close to your roots to create that illusion of natural hair. You can make use of an iron to straighten the hair in order to properly blend it in. Make sure to watch the heat settings as excessive heat could damage both the extension and your natural locks. Finish off your look with a good brush.


If you'd like to bring it up a notch, you can attempt a sleek ponytail. Although it involves just clipping in your extensions as usual, you'll have to apply them backwards. After properly fusing the extensions, gather your hair as you normally do and tie it with a bow or your chosen accessory. For a more convenient alternative, you can opt to purchase ponytail hair extensions which are readily available in the market.


Another go-to style are curls. Since hair extensions are made from different material, it may prove to be a challenge to curl them once already applied. This is why it is advised to curl them first before clipping them on. Make use of a hanger or another surface where you can temporarily clip on your hair extensions while you style them. This way, you can achieve those luscious curls that you're aiming for without straining yourself from reaching behind your head during the styling process.


Be adventurous with your hair extensions. Try until you find what suits you. However, you must also remember to take precautions during styling. One important reminder is to apply a special serum that protects the hair from heat. Also, if you do plan to go all out on styling, it is best to invest in good quality hair extensions because these will last longer compared to the inexpensive versions. If you have any questions or have some problems to style your hair extensions, please feel free to visit Equeena Hair Storehttps://equeenahairstore.com and send your questions to our customer service. Equeena hair expert would reply your email within 24 hours. Welcome more and more ladies to subscribe Equeena Hair Posts.

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