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Monday 10 April, 2017 | RSS Feed

Natural Hair Care Tips by Equeena Hair

by Equeena Hair

Hair care is an important part of our daily hygiene. After all, there's a reason why it's dubbed as "the crowning glory". Although it would take much time and resources to pull off shampoo commercial hair, there are a few simple things that can be done to aid in the overall health of your hair. Below are a few tips on hair care:


1. Try to shampoo your hair less frequently. There are some who will react strongly to this, but there's much to gain from not shampooing every day. Though most of us have gotten used to washing our hair daily, it can actually strip it of its natural oils. These oils are quite beneficial because they serve as the hair's protection. Even just alternately washing with shampoo in a week could make a big difference. Try resisting the urge to grab that shampoo bottle. Instead, just give your locks a rinse and apply the usual conditioner. Alternitively, you can also try out dry shampoo. It's a quick and easy way to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.


2. Turn down the heat. Exposing your hair to heat can damage and dry it. Go easy on styling tools that utilize heat like irons, curlers and blowdryers. As an alternative, you can play around with different styles that are not dependent on heat. Do-it-yourself videos are common and accesible. Watch and try to experiment. If you're pressed for time, the classic sleek ponytail is a good fallback. If you really can't do without blowdrying or ironing your hair, make it a habit to apply protective serum that can shield your hair from the heat. Most importantly, when you hit the shower, don't forget to use cold water to wash your hair.


3. Get a regular trim. It is advised to get a quick haircut every few weeks, especially if your hair is prone to split ends. This sign of damage is unsightly, hence, trimming it off is a must if you want to have healthy-looking hair. Split ends are caused by overstyling and overexposure to heat. Also, take it easy when you're brushing or combing your hair. When fresh out of the shower, it is best to gently untangle your tresses with a wide-tooth comb. Be extra careful though, as wet hair tends to be more prone to damage than when it is dry.


Another aspect of hair care that some tend to overlook is the products being used. There is a reason why there is a specific product for every hair type. Determine yours and choose accordingly. As always, experiment with what works for you and you'll eventually attain your hair goals. If you have any questions or inquiries on your natural hair care, please feel free to contact Equeena Hair Storehttps://equeenahairstore.com, one of Equeena hair experts would reply your questions and advise our suggestions on hair care in 24hours. Equeena Hair is a factory based company which selling luxury quality human hair products at affrodable prices, including Brazilian hair, Indian hair, and lace closure, etc. Welcome more and more ladies to visit Equeena Hair.

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