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Tuesday 13 June, 2017 | RSS Feed

Best Hairstyle for Wedding by Equeena Hair

by Equeena Hair

A wedding event is an occasion that requires a lot of preparation beforehand. One of the things that need to be on point during such an event is your hair, it should make you stand out from the rest and turn eyes in the crowd. Here is our collection of stunning hairstyles for you to try out on a wedding. These hairstyles have all been tried by world renowned celebrities and are in vogue.


Semi-Messy Waves

The romantic semi waves make your hair look rough and raw and at the same time provide you with an uncanny attractiveness that is certain to lure a crowd of potential suitors. The best way to accomplish this hairstyle is by the usage of a curly iron to create messy waves. If your own hair is not long enough, you may buy some clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, or some other human hair extensions from your local hair store or an online hair store. 

Sculpted Waves

Many brides prefer long luscious hair for their wedding ceremonies but this is just a stereotype. There are many hairstyles that look great on short hair as well. One of the hairstyles that go along really well with short hair is the soft sculpted curly hairstyle. First of all, blow dry your hair thoroughly and make a side part with a brush, preferably a round one and follow this step with curling with a curling iron.

The High Bun

A high bun has been rocking the fashion scene for quite some years now but this hairstyle is not just being used for casual indoor activity. The best thing about this hairstyle that it is compatible with both shorter and longer hair lengths and looks exceptionally well on brides, if it is made properly.

The Voluminous Bun

It is a misconception that hairstyles like the voluminous bun require a lot of hairpins to keep your hair intact. You can easily accomplish this hairstyle with a couple of hair pins. Start with an application of blow drying. Make sure that your hair turns out to be completely straight. Organize your hair into the shape of a ponytail and pin them in with elastic to secure them. Comb the ponytail afterwards and twirl it into the shape of a bun. Just affix a few U-shaped hair pins to keep it in place and apply a hairspray of choice depending on the thickness of your hair to secure them in their allocated position.

The Waterfall Braid

This braiding hairstyle is not for amateurs. It requires a lot of practice because of the excessive curls and twists it requires. It is a hairstyle that complements both straight and curly hair. Make sure you practice it rigorously to have a big hair moment at your big day.  

All these hairstyles are perfect for a wedding day and you can acquire the services of a professional to make them to perfection. It all depends on your choice and preferences and how far you're willing to go to make your hair a thing of beauty. If you have any inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Equeena Hair and send an email. Equeena Hair Expert would reply your email within 24 hours after receiving it. 

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